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Welcome to the rifts observation deck on starbase 13
Below is a display of some of our science labs latest work.
There are sentient lifeforms living in this captured section of space
It is advised to be carefull if you try to contact these creature through the rift
Good day

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on the promanod

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Borggirl's starship

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    Please remain here as a guest of ambasador Carvis for as long as you wish.
    your ship has been docked at Grid sector 19.

    We have issued you a clearance card to any Grid sector on the station.

    We hope you enjoy your stay.

    Please select from the following destionations:
  • Grid sector 19: leave
  • Grid sector 20: Research on Dandelion project
  • Grid sector 21: Stuff Transfer
  • Grid sector 22: Alert Station Commender
  • Grid sector 23: Cloning Idea
  • Grid sector 24: Dandelion possible eveloution.
  • Grid sector 25: Aliens on Earth, yes or no?
  • Grid sector 26: What will happen?
  • Grid sector 27: Aliens and Beanies
  • Grid sector 28: Human Origans
  • Grid secotr 29: Goverment Time Warp
  • Grid Sector 30: Alien contact
  • Grid Sector 31: Status of Beta station
  • Grid Sector 32: Poetry (Scary huh!?)
  • Grid Sector 33: Paranormal main page
  • Grid Sector 34: Gamma bursts.
  • Grid Sector 35:Dark zone site.
  • Grid Sector 36:Pixie dust.
  • Grid Sector 37:Dark zone site.

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