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To: Dr. Monroe Alexander
From: Kathren Jacobs.
Re: Gamma ray brusts.

Our recent discovery of gamma rays brusts has just grown in intrest. We at AstroCos. Labs believe we have found the reason for the brusts.

The bursts follow a pattern of1 day between bursts. When the bursts fequencey of 5 bursts are totaled, then avereged out to 135 AMU's. When you look exsactly 135 degrees from the Greenich England, on prime meridien, at egsactly 1:35 am, on January 35, you are look directly at Wolf Beta 35, a newly discovered star.

We believe that there are beings tring to contact us from that star system.

We advise you to begin faster then light message response to these beings.

Time is of the utmost.


Kathren Jacobs

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