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Goverment get spy on alien
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Goverment gets spy agent 001 onboard alien craft.

Secret spy agent 001 was dramiticly diffrent from all other spy agents. The reason the goverment kept him secret so long(until I got there sound transmission) was because agent 001 was a bio-agent. He had inplant in his ear, his eye, and his brain. This allowed the goverment to keep close track of him, and to recive data much more efficently from his missions.

On 10/17/1989 001 was sent to a recently discovered alien ship, called the Halanta. His mission was to make contact with the creatures and to gather as much data on them as possible.

He was able to determin that the ship was made of a unearthly coumpond called Dalla Light. This substance prevented all visiaul transmission from getting thru. Basic data, and audio transmissions were able to pass thru the coumpond with limited ease.

The following is a report from a goverment Scietist at the first transmission.

The aliens apper to use a clicking noice as form of communication. Later we hear a higher pitch, more matelic sound. From the data sheet of the creature with the hgher tones anatamoy, it appers to be female.

Those who were at the transmission decided to have 001 try to crack into there computer files. 001 found out that the aliens use a form of binary encodeing to put data onto objects. 001 was able to translate most of the data.

The following is a portion of the data 001 retrevided:

The female of our species has a gestation period of about 12 earth months. During this time, they are extremly aggresive, for they fear that any non-member of her family is there to kill there child. With the females strong claws, some reaching up to 2 feet long, they are a dangures creature to mess with.

The length of her claws determens when she may mate. When they reach a length of 1/2 foot, our people permit them to chose a mate. At only 1/2 foot, it is unlikely they will be secsesul at attracting a mate. A normal female won't get a mate until her claws have reached 1 foot. Until she gets a mate, she will live with another female who has found a mate.

0110101 0010101 0100000 01001

Our planet is located in the Beta-Condor sector. It is approxamently 15.6 parsecs from the nearest spacestation. we have apro0010100 1010101 0111000 10

As you can see, not all of it was translatable. Soon after the data was transmited, a female (most likely the one from the audio transmission) attacked 001, causing him to stop function. All of his bio-inplants stop functioning. After that the ship disappered from all sensors, radar, mir visaul contact, all of them. From that point, al data on this subject was classafided.

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