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For those who can remember(Or even saw) back to before I made the station, I had a another page, and before that a earilery verse of the station. In the recreation sector of that station I promissed some poetry, specificly a scooby doo poem.

Instructions to reader:* indecates snap: After each ** scoby doo** theres a pause befor starting next verse: read on buddy.
Now appering for the first time on the Global Network(and anywhere) Scobby Doo poem, by me All rights reserved
I know this dog

his name is

** scoby doo**

He goes around with these kids

solving mysterys

** scoby doo**

And once in awhile

he even talks to

** scoby doo**

He has his own show

On which he YELLS!

** scoby doo**

He eats lots of snacks

and hes really afried of bats

** scoby doo**

He eats a lot snacks

and yet he doesnt get fat

** scoby doo**

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