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The Latest goverment project "Time Warp" security compermised.

Goverment research agents at secrect base Delta 4 have developed the newest classafided device. This device, nicknamed Delta Warp or D.W. is a small green box that can be set to warp the fabric of Space-Time.

Along with device, a new type of spacecraft, named the Delta Star, is planed to be launched on Dec. 17, 2043. This ship will be equiped with a D.W. With it, they crew and it's commanders on Earth hope to ripe a closeable hole in Space-Time. A hole in which they could fly the Delta Star into, alowing it to go anywhere in the Univearse.

This kind of technalogical leap could have a total effect on the Global Community as a whole. It could do as far as a total world alliance to poll reasoures to develope and manufacture items.

Not since the invention of the A-bomb has such a power device been made by mankind. We can only pray that we can use it better then the last invention.

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