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What will happen when we make contact with an alien species for the first time?

People have been wondering the question for centurys. What will happen? Will the race be friendly? Will they want to conqour us? Will we conqour them? What will happen?

Some belive that the race will be peacefull. They believe this because of the thought that if a race can devepole intersteller shipcrafts, then they must be at peace with there people, and why would they want to fight us. They seem to beleive that there is no way for the Great Planet Earth to die.
Others believe that the aliens would be war creatures. If they have the capabiltys to develope interstellercrafts, imange the kinds of weaponds they could have. Weaponds that could destroy complete planets. Weaponds that could destroy complete races in one blow.

What will happen?

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