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The following is a transmission I intersepted from a scientist sending it to his commonder in the goverments secret lab base.

StarDate 11/16/1997: Science and social Breakthru.

Program type: Research

Program topic: Aliens presence.

RFE (Reason for entrie): Request extended research time.

Dear Commander Conrad, I have recently came to a starteling discovery. Aliens are coming to Earth, not because they want to talk to us, but because they want to talk to the ever-so popular "beanie babys".

Soon I fear, the aliens will back the beanies, and try to replace us with them. We must fight back!

A defenes agianst the beanies and there alien friends is a device called an electro-caren-scrambelater. The device when actaved producess a electric shock wave, strong enough to dormatize the creatures.

I propose that every house in America be equped with an electro-caren-scrambelater. The best course of action is to have every new T.V. equiped with one built in side it.

If the human race stands united agianst these threats, we can't be deafeted


Dr. Chicken

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