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Welcome to the aliem starships computer
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trip so far...

Aliem 1:Zeta
Powers:Intellagence, technology, some mental powers
Background:Captian and desinger of the starship. Left eye distroyed while tring to capture cargo during one of his missions. The eye was replace by an artifical one.

Aliem 2:Tim the dog. Powers:Can levitate, can smile and dissappear leaving only his smile. Gender:Male Background:Zeta's dog. Very demanding and whiney.

Aliem 3:Space Smurf
Powers:Unknown at this point
Background:Unknown at this point

Aliem 4:Fungus
Powers:Can do fungusy stuff. Immunie to Antimatter
Gender:Male(I think)
Background:Constaitly annoying Zeta, Almost always bothering Space Smurf. Not afried of being thrown in the engine room.

Aliem 5:Dekar
Powers:Strong physical strength. Weapond profecientcy.
backgroundStow away on ship. Came aboard with fungus(also stow away). Been all over the ship, seen ship seperate. Boarded ship while it was landed on his homeplanet. He thinks he is physcic. Has multiply personaltys. His race has reach the point where they light logs on fire, and try to fly thm to there moon.

*Time reset to earth time and dates.

Stardate: 02/14/1998
Ship left Dekaris Prime. New cargo shipment gathered for transport to Mars colony. The weight messurements are slightly off, but that might just mean I miscalculated the weight of one of my items. Preparing to open wormhole.

Stardate: 02/15/1998 03:17:53
The wormhole opened three hours ago. I am taking a detour to a planet named the Smurf homeworld. I'm going to pick up a passanger known as Space Smurf. I know little about her, but I do know she is paing me a high price to bring her to Earth. Since Earth is so near Mars, It will be an easy 3,000 Credits.

Stardate: 02/16/1998 07:11:00
I just entered SmrufWorld orbit. Space Smurf will dock in the ship by a small shuttle. Soon I will reopen the wormhole and return to my course towards Mars.

Stardate: 02/18/1998 15:29:12
Upon searching the cargo holds agian, I discoverd two stow aways, A fungs and a creature by the name of Dekar. They were my miscalculation in cargo weight. Space Smurf has offerd to interagate Dekar. I will interagate the fungus.

Stardate: 02/18/1998 16:11:52
The fungus is driving me nuts, I tried throwing him into the engine core, and he simply laughed at me when he started swing around the room. Space Smurf tells me Dekar did board the ship on Dekaris prime as I suspected. She also tells me he was just couris about the object he saw land(I assume he ment my ship). We have agrred to allow him to stay if he keeps fungus out of my way.

Stardate: 02/20/1998 11:04:03
We are nearing Mars. Space Smurf complains about fungus bothering her. I told her he was just being friendly, and if she had a problem to complian to dekar first. She then told me she did, and that he said he couldn't do anything. I'll see about that.

Stardate: 02/20/1998 12:01:11
I gave fungus a injecsion of sleeping chemicals. He should be uncounisons for a few days. Space Smurf thanked my for takeing care of Fungus, and returned to her quaters. I belive she is contacting someone from the Smurf homeworld.

Stardate: 02/21/1998 04:03:11
Dekar keeps stareing at space smurf. He is doing one of two things.
Since he thinks he physic, he's tring to invade her mind or..... **Computer End Log.**

Stardate 02/22/1998 07:03:11
Ships Sensors have detected another presance onboard the ship. I am going to investagate

Stardate 02/22/1998 08:01:32
I've found the other presance. It appers to be a female dog, of the same race origin as Tim. She says her name is Jessica. She claims that she came onboard when SpaceSmurf boarded. She tells me her home on the Smurf homeworld was destroyed during a great war between rivial groups of dogs. I have decied to let her remain onboard, most likely permanitly. I don't think I had a choice at that point, because she took such a shine to Tim. Jessica tells me she hadn't seen one of her kind for a few years, because she was lost, alone in a wooded area after her home was destroyed. I also don't think Tim much mind her paying attention to him.

Stardatee 02/24/1998 15:07:52
It's been more then two days now, and Jessica is still paying constint attention to Tim. My ship is limited dramaticly in size and amount of crew quaters. I recently had to pair Tim and Jessica in the same quaters. I'm begining to wonder if that was a mistake, until Jessica recently entered my room. She told me I was one of the nicest people she ever knew. I take that to mean she approves of being paired with Tim. I wonder if they'll soon be puppy's on my ship, or if there relationship is only do to Jessica lack of contact with her own kind. Personaly, I think they'll stay togather.

Stardate 02/27/1998 14:40:32
Tim and Jessica have refused to leave there quaters for three days now. Besides that nothing else has happend.

Stardate 03/07/1998 03:32:32
Jessica and Tim married today. Maybe there realationship is permanit. Space Smurf keeps complaing about Dekar bothering her. I haven't seen fungus for about a week now. Maybe that's a bad sign. and what's up with this. WE HAVEN'T reached Mars yet. What's going on.

Stardate 03/10/1998 10:10:10
We have discovered an abonded alien space craft. I am downloading there computer now. SpaceSmurf, Dekar, and Fungus are over there on the vessiel now, seeing if there's anything usefell on it, or maybe even if we can get it working agian. Imagine the profit off selling that. I'd be rich.

people have accessed ships computer

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