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Deep in the outer reaches of space... A war for the planets rages on.

Stellar crisis is a internet space colonizaion war game.
Objective: Destroy the enemy. How ever possible.
Allie with other players, plant colonys with your colony ship, destroy oppents colonys with attack ships or doomsday ships. take over with troop ships.
Stuff and what they mean.
Gateway: the opening to other planets, total possible 4
Allies:Three levels. Truse, Trade, and Alliance. Stats at war. people above war can travel thru others planet-systems without being attacked.
Attack ship: all purpose attack ship. Attack other ships defeand your ships and planets, or attack other planets.
Science ship:Used to explore other planet-systems. You have to send a science ships thru a gateway, before you can send any other ships thru it.
colony ship: carrys people, lets you put colonys on non-occupied planets. one colony per ship.
Stargate: lets you send all ships in the planet system as the star gate to any of your colonys.
Enginieer: Seals and opens gateways.
Doomsday: lets you completly destroy planets.
Terraformer: Rebuildes doomsdayed planets, make some colonys more profitable.
Satalite: Defeands planet-systems, cant move.
Cloaker: Can become invisable
Minefield: A sheet of mines, that will blowup when a enemy enters that system. Will not hurt allies, can't move.
minesweeper: Removes enemy minefields.
A planet can make ships once it reachs enough population. A homeworld starts with 100 people. If it gets destroyed, you lose There are many servers that have this game, in diffent versions.
Two of them are:
Fourth planet

I normally play as DELTA. Have fun, see ya 'round the galaxy.

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