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Cloning: Anti Extinction Formula

Millions of years ago, fantastic creatures ruled the earth. Dinosaurs, Wolley Mammoth, Saber-toothed cats. When we look around, all these creatures are gone. Why? Because they had no way of restarting there race, once they were destroyed. We do!

Cloning can make a carbon copy of a mammal. In cloning, a animal egg is harvested, then the Chromasones from the egg are removed. Then a full set of chromasone are taken from an animal. The chromasone are inserted into the egg, then joined to it by a mild jolt of electricity.If the egg is striped of it chromasones, and the donor chromasones are set into the machine, then the process can begin at anytime, even when started by computer alone.


If there was a virus, that killed all the humans on the planet, then human race would die. They would all die, but some could be remade by the machine. The computer could sense that there was no longer any human live on Earth. (probably by the massive drop in CO2) When it senses this, it could then start the process. If main machines like this were made, then enough people would be remade to repopulate the planet. This process would save us from extinction.

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