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Dandelions, a small helpless plant...or is it?

A sattilte called Gaurdion, in parking orbit of Earth releass a form of invisable light preveiosly unknowen before the 1980's. This light is called Dalla light. When this Dalla light is released on the enviorment, it appers to have no effect. When the light is removed, the effect become clear. The light keeps dandelions in a dorment state. When the dandelions become un-dorment, they begin to become sentceint lifeforms. Not only sentceient, but aggresive.

Many scientist believe that these creatures may be becoming immune to the Dalla light. They could become totally immune soon. If this happens, then we as a race may become threanted. We must fight back!

Recent research at a secured goverment research lab has found a replacement form of Dalla light. With luck in our favor, that light form is used in must building in the world. That light is produced by the commin flouresent light bulbs. If a dandelion become un-dorment, and is covered with the light, it should not only retransform it back to its normal state, but premently keep it there.

We as a race have concuqerd another threat to us. We have beatin the dandelion!

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