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We look into the night skys,

Afriad of what we hope to find.

We fear that we are not alone,

and yet we fear that we are.

How can such be.

For from this race,

much strange can be. -Mike Crawford

Stardate: 2021/31/12

To: Dr Ralastor, Head of space tech developing

From: Lt. Dr. Alfred theata

Re: Outbreak on beta station.

It is my duty to report, sadly, that all mission opertives aboard beta station have lost all of there abuilty to control themselfs.

It all started when a strange message came to us over a non-commonly use frequence. The message was mainly a bunch of clicks, and clacks, but most of my crews beleives them to be alien.

Please send me a group of transport vessiles, and take these men and women away. I need a new crew. One preferably less conclusive.

The starbase is now in a safety mode. To reach the station, you have to emit a beam of beta-alpha-omega wave particales. I don't have to tell you that if you don't the force field will crush you.

Sometimes I think I wound have been better if I would have become a lawyer, like my mother told me to be.

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