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Nedstat Counter You move through the doorway, and as the door closes, you realize you are in a holobay. Other wise, how else could this kind of enviornment remain stable on a space station?
It's fairly humid in this area, but atleast there isn't too many insects.

As you begin to look around more, you realize how big this bay is. You guess it to be about 3900 square feet in size. This room appears to be one of the biggest on the station.

There is undergrowth all over the ground, but it's not too high. You have no trouble moving through it.

On the far right, there are an abnormaly placed row of trees. (click to walk to. Click on any item in picture to move to it from where you are).

A little further down and on the left you find a fairly large pool of water.

About 100 feet after that, there appears to be a force field of some kind blocking the way further into the room.