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So you're wondering why you should vote Mogilla. That's understandable. I'm sure most of you have never heard of the Mogillas.

The Mogillas are a small group of people that live everywhere. We live under rocks (Kidding!), we live in the clouds (Still kidding!), we may even life next door to you!

What holds my small group togather is our common ideals, our shared thoughts, our high standerds and expectations for this species. We can't just let humans crawl in the mud! We believe humans can do better than stay where they are, in mental prisons in which new, powerful thought is just out of reach!

We believe that a fair and just goverment should help all people achieve their best, their highest level of self. To many this may seem like a Communistic propaganda paper. I personaly do not believe that Communism is the best possible goverment. For all of you that may be reading this inside Communist terrotory, I believe that all people should be able to freely attempt to achieve perfection. If this in some people's is achieved through Communism, then we are glad that you have found your way. If you do not support Communism, then that also fits into our beliefs. We believe all should be free to try to find perfection, so how ever you think you can get it is great!

The A.M.'s(Anti-Mogillas) on the other hand don't share our ideals. They believe that people don't mater at all. They think that the only ones that do are them! They believe that the world is ripe for the plucking. They think they should be the unquestioned rulers of everything! They would try to kill everyone if they could get the power!

Show the A.M.'s that they are not better then everyone else! Show them that their horrible grip over the world will never be achieved! Please, help us by doing anything you can (put links on your site, tell people about us, join the Free Mogilla Federation (when it gets put up) anything!) to show the A.M.'s that they can never break the world!