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Corrections/questions to reality from music

-#1 Not everyone was "kung-fu fighting", and except for that one guy, no one was doing it as fast as lightning.
-#2 "I get knocked down, and I get up agian"... It just takes me awhile.
-#3 Everyone here knows that everyone here is mad because the guy won't stop singing. I think he should keep himself quite insted.
-#4 If the six a clock alarm will never ring, how come the guy always gets woke up by the six rings?
-#5 If he doesn't want to close his eyes and fall asleep, does he want to sleep with his eyes open?
-#6 If the tiger is blind, do you really want it to be "The Eye of the Tiger".
-#7 Why doesn't the guy charge for "Magic Carpet Ride"'s?
-#8 If he really is a "Secret Agent Man", why did he make a song about it? Is it supposed to be a cover?