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You walk up to the water and look into it. It's clearer then any water you've ever seen. "It's definetly not from Earth!" You think to yourself.

As you look deeply at yourself in the slowly rippeling, yet still, water, you hear soft crushing of undergrowth behind you. You turn to look, and see Kate about six feet behind you. (Click here if you don't know what Kate looks like yet)

"Hi" She says in a cheery manner.
"Hello... you can talk?"
"Of course I can talk, why couldn't I?"
"I don't know... It's just..."
"Let me guess, you have a species just like me back where you come from, and they don't talk right?"
"Yeah, how did you know?"
"I hear that alot... normally."
"What do you mean normally?"
"Their haven't been alot of visitors lately. Most people don't come around to my room. It gets to be pretty boring. The commander"
"The commander... of the station right?"
"Yes. Well, the commander normally visites me alot, but for the last week or so he's been stuck with alot of paperwork. He hasn't been out of his office except to go to sleep. I went and saw him one day. We ate dinner togather and talked some, but he had to get some sleep pretty soon after we started talking. I have normal access to the promanad, but most people don't pay much attention to me there. They just keep walking, like they would to everyone else out there."
"That's too bad. This must have been a pretty lonely week."
"It was...Hey, do you want to go swimming? The water is a nice tempeture."

Do you want to go swimming?

*Say* Yeah, sure, I'll go swimming with you!
*Say* No, sorry, I really don't feel much like swimming.