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You sit down, and Kate walks up and sit's down in your lap. You start to pet her slowly and softly. You realize why traders would love to sell this kind of fur. It's wonderful! Soft, cool, gentel, light, and somehow clailming.

Kate seems to like being petted as much as you like petting her, for with each strock you make she leans deeper and deeper in your lap, and progressivly closes her eyes. Her breathing becomes softer and deeper, and she seems to start making a soft pitch humming noise. Cats purr, dogs wag their tails, I guess Kate humms...

You sit for hours petting Kate. After the hours pass by, Kate stands up and walks away. After a few minutes, she comes back to where you are still sitting. She pulls along with her a small blanket. She drops the blanket in front of you, and nudges it open. Inside is a wide array of food. She invites you to eat with her, and being hungry from the many hours, you except. As you eat, she begins to talk.

"Thank you." She says
"For what?"
"For petting me. I don't know if you could tell, but I did enjoy it... alot."
"It did seem like you liked it."
"We are very sensative. We feel everything that touches our skin to a degree about five or six times more powerfull. You can imagine how much I liked being petted."
"I could guess."
"In my culture, we use our fur in the same manner humans use hand signals and greetigns. We use differnt ways of rubbing up agianst each other to say differnt things. If you rubbed one way, it may be like saying hello. If you rubbed another, it may be like saying that you were mad at me."
"I guess being ignored then would be very hard on you."
"Oh yes, it's not fun!"

You finish eating, and stand up to walk away. She turns to walk the other way. You walk up to her, and stroke the back of her neck. Allmost as soon as you touch her, she pushes strongly, and knocks you to the ground. You fear that you've done something wrong, and try to move away, but after a moment, you realize she's not mad at you. She's now snuggled up lengthwise to you, and startes to rub up to you. You wrap your arms around her, and she lets you move onto your side.

You spend a few more hours laying in Kate's holobay, petting her while she snuggles up to you and humms. After a few peacefull hours, both of you start to leave agian.

On your way out she says to you

"You know what happened right?"
"Not really."
"You remember when you stroked my neck?"
"Well, you when humans kiss each other..."
"That's about what that is in my culture..."

As you walk back into the main part of the holobay, you notice that you now have a small lock of her fur in your pocket, and a paw print on your arm.

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