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"Oh, ok... That's alright, we don't have to go swimming. I guess it's better anyway, my fur gets badly clumped when I go swimming. Have you ever felt this kind of fur before?" She askes you.
"No, I havn't."
"Would you like to? It's very nice feeling. Long ago, when the first travelers came to my species planet from the stars, our fur became an exspensive communidty. Unfortunitly for us, the only way to get our fur was to kill us. Fortunitly, we only had to hide for a generation or two. A small band of outcasted humans came to our planet. They forced the merchants to leave, and set up a preserve that could act as a building block for joint culture between us and the human band. We've lived for a long time in peace, only normally having small intereputions now and then. Anyways, what was I talking about earlier? Oh yes, so, would you like to pet my fur?"

Do you pet her fur?

*Say* Ok, thanks! If you don't mind, I'll pet you
*Say* No, sorry, I really don't feel much like fur petting today. Thanks anyways though