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Wether creatures from other planets are fact or fiction, they still engrous the publics intrest.
They apper on T-shirts, and movies, and many popular tv show, but the question always arises "Are they real?"

People all over the planet claim to have been abducted, many others say that they so-called abducties are selfcenter liers for fame. But those who claim to have been abducted still hold true to there stories, even after many years.

Scientist well tell you that the distances between stars with habitabol planets is to great for a ship traveling, even at the speed of light to reach us. (scientist also say that traveling at light speed would cause you to dramitticly slow down in comparison to the rest of the univers, and begin to shrink to infinately small size, and to gain infinte weight, makeing it inmpossible to make a ship reach light speed.)

NOTE: Not Real picture of flying sacuer.

Other scientist will tell you thou, that it's possible, if a race could make a ship that could withstand the gravitity of a blackhole, they could use it as a interuniversal wormhole, or a sortof short cut for the universe. Some scintist will also tell you that it might even be possible for a ship from another univers to reach ours thru a black hole.

So wether aliens are real or fake, we might never know, but hey, its alright to dream.

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